Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

When dreams, ambitions, plans or actions seem to be irreconcilable.Try this!

Sometimes dreams, ambitions, plans or actions seem to be irreconcilable. They seem to be at odds with other ambitions, actions, dreams or plans and cannot be combined in some way.

When something like this comes up this week, experiment with the following. Instead of telling yourself that things cannot be combined, merged or cannot work together, say to yourself :

“These things can beautifully partner together, I just don’t see how yet”

This way you are programming your brain to start looking for possibilities on how to combine things, how to find creative solutions, new directions. And let yourself be surprised by new things you come up with, creative ways to bring things closer together, etc

These new directions, creative ways to make things work together, you would not see if  you say to yourself that things cannot be combined.  When you say this you are programming your brain to look for evidence that indeed these things cannot be combined. Your brain will not look for creative ways to make some sort of combination possible.

So help your brain! Tell yourself this week: “These things can beautifully partner together, I just don’t see how yet”.  Maybe also brainstorm with yourself based on the premise that a beautiful combination is possible and ask yourself: “How could this work together? What steps can I take to make this work together? “

Don’t worry if nothing comes up yet. Trust that your subconscious brain will come up with unexpected, creative new ways. So just let it simmer for a couple of days.

Will you share unexpected combinations or creative new ways that came up for you?

You can do it below this blog or send me an email.


Do you feel like your ambitions in your private life conflict with your ambitions at work? Do you feel unbalanced because of that?  I would love to help you find a way to live your ambitions and feel balanced at the same time. Just send me an email with your questions or dilemma’s and we can plan a free 30 minute exploration call to dive deeper into your questions and talk about how I could help you. Free of charge, no strings attached.


Do you want me to give a workshop in your organisation about combining ambitions and feeling balanced?  Just send me an email and we’ll set up a call so I can hear more about what you are looking for specifically and discuss what I could do for you / your organisation.

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