Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Not knowing- the old is ending, the new is not clear yet

When you are making changes, when you are in transition you will find yourself between worlds. You know the old no longer suits you, that the old is ending. But the new is not clear yet. This in between phase of not knowing is often the most difficult phase. I see this with my clients […]

energy and joy

After the holiday I will feel so much better…

Did the summer holiday bring you a renewed sense of joy and renewed energy in your work? Yes? I am so glad it did! No? Then this blog is for you. When we feel very tired before the holidays, when we don’t really enjoy our work as much anymore, when we have doubts about our […]

Beyond the chatter in your head. Connect with your intuition

If I had to name one practice that is crucial for me feeling balanced, one practice that is crucial for me making choices that bring me energy and joy… then it is my daily practice of finding of silence and stillness- in meditation. It keeps me from being too much in my head. It reconnects […]


About boundaries and saying no

This Monday I posted a card on Instagram (@samulamescher) about boundaries as inspiration for the week ahead. Knowing your boundaries and setting and maintaining boundaries are crucial for you making the impact you want to make and crucial for you feeling energized and balanced! But we often struggle with our boundaries. Not feeling our boundaries […]

About Mindfulness

I have been meditating on a daily basis since 2010. At first I did not share much about this with other people. Afraid that people might consider this to be woo woo, or consider me to be a bit woo woo (“zweverig”  in Dutch). I do talk about it freely now, often integrate elements of […]


Thoughts on (physical) pain

Yesterday it happened again. I was stopped in my tracks by acute lower backpain (lumbago). This is not unusual for me, it happens a few times each year. So it is not something new and I know what to do. Everytime it happens I feel frustrated and sad. These are the first emotions that come […]

How I renew my focus and nurture myself during the summer

Here in the Netherlands the school holidays have started in part of the country.  The start of a relatively quiet time in a lot of organisations. Lot’s of colleagues are on holiday, less meetings, some projects seem to be on hold for a while, customers are on holiday, no lessons or courses at institutions. What […]


Feeling down or worried? This helps!

Last week a new book came in. This is not very special because I just love reading books. Fiction and nonfiction. I just love to learn and be inspired! I am always reading multiple books at the same time. This new book was on the neuroscience of anxiety and depression. The day it arrived, I dove […]

Ambition is about meaning. Not about money, status or climbing the career ladder.

Yesterday I hosted a free online workshop on how to combine your ambitions with finding a healthy work- life balance. And what became very clear from the conversation we had about ambition was that for the participants being ambitious is not about money or status or about just wanting to climb the career ladder. No […]

small steps

Small steps, big impact

Last week I went to the store to get some file folders. When it was my turn at the counter, I grabbed my wallet…only to discover I had left it at home. So I told the cashier, “Please leave it.  I’ll have to come back for it later because I forgot my wallet. “ Then […]

A coach on work-life balance doesn’t feel balanced all the time

A couple of weeks ago I was meeting with a potential client about giving workshops on work-life balance in their organisation. At one point during the meeting the training advisor of this organisation asked me: Do you feel balanced all the time? My honest answer was: no. It is not like once you know how […]


Mildness & kindness help you when you long for change!

Knowing what you need to do to find balance does not mean  you will feel balanced all the time. The circumstances of your life might change. Or maybe when you have felt balanced for quite some time, you give your balance less attention. Or the push and pull of all the demands in your life […]

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