Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

The paradox of finding normalcy in extraordinary times

While thinking about this inspiration mail I was going back and forth between two things. On the one hand I was afraid that you would not want to have another inspiration mail that is addressing the extraordinary situation we all find ourselves in.  That I should just write a “normal “ inspiration mail. On the […]

your mind is not the wisest part of you

Your mind is not the wisest part of you

Last week I had a migraine. The next day the migraine was gone, but I still had a headache and felt  ‘like a truck had ran over me’. I really craved giving myself some more recovery time. But there was also a critical voice in my head pushing me to suck it up and get […]

Invite your fear to tea

What do you do when you feel fear? Try to ignore it, suppress it, push it away? What if instead you invited your fear to tea? What if you had a chat with your fear to get to know your fear better? Contrary to what you might think:  moving towards your fear actually will diminish […]


Don’t get distracted or discouraged by other people’s success

This is a blog I actually wrote for myself, because I really needed to hear this at the beginning of this week. But I am sending it to you as well, because I know I am not alone in this! When you look around, in real life and especially on social media. You might feel […]

Do you make relaxation conditional?

“Once I have finished this I’ll have time for relaxation.” “I’ll relax when I get home tonight” “I don’t have time to relax now, I just have so much to do.” “Weekends are for relaxing” How is this for you? Does any of these statements ring true for you? In other words: do you make […]


The positive power of anger

Women in our society have often been taught that feeling or expressing anger is not done. But anger is just as normal and important as feeling joy or fear. Instead of looking at anger as a negative feeling that should be avoided, anger is actually an important signal. Anger can let us know that a […]

Nourishing yourself

No, this blog is not about food, although there are some similarities. This blog is about the difference between filling your time and spending time to really nourish yourself. You can compare it to the difference between filling your stomach with whatever food is easy and available. Or consciously eating something that really nourishes your […]

daily courage

Daily courage

What images do courage or being courageous bring to mind? Maybe you think of a knight in a knights tournament risking his life. Or a relief worker, working in a war zone. Or maybe someone who quits her job, sells her house and moves to France to start a B&B. Often courage is associated with […]

Before you set goals or make New Year’s resolutions… Do this first.

With the end of the year approaching lot’s of people are busy with setting their goals for the coming year. Maybe you have to make a personal development plan for 2020 at work, or maybe you want to set some goals yourself for the year ahead. And maybe you are someone who makes New Year’s […]

fearless expression

Fearless expression of yourself, your ambitions

Often we have secret longings, dreams, ambitions about how or what we would like to contribute at work. But then we leave those longings at the doorstep of the office, because we fear this side of us will not be appreciated. Or maybe you tell yourself this is not part of my job description, or […]

When dreams, ambitions, plans or actions seem to be irreconcilable.Try this!

Sometimes dreams, ambitions, plans or actions seem to be irreconcilable. They seem to be at odds with other ambitions, actions, dreams or plans and cannot be combined in some way. When something like this comes up this week, experiment with the following. Instead of telling yourself that things cannot be combined, merged or cannot work […]

not knowing

Not knowing- the old is ending, the new is not clear yet

When you are making changes, when you are in transition you will find yourself between worlds. You know the old no longer suits you, that the old is ending. But the new is not clear yet. This in between phase of not knowing is often the most difficult phase. I see this with my clients […]

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