Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Do you find it hard to stop thinking about work?

Do you find it hard to transition from work mode to home/private mode? Do you find it hard to stop thinking about work in the evenings or on the weekend? Do you find it hard to stop working? This might be why: How do you look back at your day at the end of the […]

asking for help

Asking for help is not weakness. It is human.

Asking for help is difficult. For many of us giving help is much easier. Probably because of different connotation we attach to needing help and giving help. Giving help seems to be the position of strong, heroic and successful people. Needing help is for the weak, the losers who cannot do it alone. This is […]

Will I still like this job 3 years from now?

Has a question like this crossed your mind lately? My coach clients often have questions like this. How does this question make you feel? Do you have an answer? Probably not. Wrong choice We often ask ourselves questions like this. E.g. when we are looking for a new job, or when we just started a […]


Rest is difficult

Rest is crucial. It is at the basis of feeling good emotionally and physically.  Allowing ourselves to rest can be really difficult in our western culture where so much emphasis is on productivity, more, faster, better. Where being busy or exhausted is a badge of honour. Where we try to balance so many roles in […]

Cycles of success

The past weeks I felt on a high. I was very focused, I felt flow in my work, I got a lot done and took important steps in my own personal and professional development. I also gave an online talk and a webinar that both were very well received and made a difference to the people […]


How to feel fulfilled every day

Can you only feel a sense of fulfilment when you have finished your whole to do list? Or can you only feel a sense of fulfilment when the project is completely finished, or when things turned out to be a success? How can you bring a sense of fulfilment to every day? Regardless of whether […]

After the holiday I will feel so much better

Did the summer holiday bring you a renewed sense of joy and renewed energy in your work? Yes? I am so glad it did! No? Then this blog is for you. When we feel very tired before the holidays, when we don’t really enjoy our work as much anymore, when we have doubts about our […]


Change your story, change your possibilities

Often we have clearly defined labels or stories about ourselves I am this… I am not this… Stories about who you are and who you are not. Stories about what you can and cannot do. What you should and shouldn’t do. These stories are of course heavily influenced by cultural norms in society, your family […]

What if you don’t need more self-discipline or willpower to succeed?

What if  you needed more compassion and more indepth, detailed insights about yourself? Often we are very critical, harsh and disappointed with ourselves if we fail to do what we intented to do, if we fail to change a habit or form a new habit. Often our inner critic chimes in very loudly, berating us for lack […]

permission slips

Permission slips

Often there is so much we should do, we must do. Not because somebody else tells us to. No, because we tell ourselves we have to. I know I often do. But… what do you allow yourself? That is what this blog is about. About the power of allowing instead should of must. About a […]

How to stop in time and not run yourself ragged

This week during a coaching session a client asked me… what can I do to make sure that I don’t run myself ragged? How to stop in time? How can I make sure that I respect my boundaries? Of course, there are multiple things you can do. But I am going to only share one […]


Summertime: taking stock and looking ahead

Here in the Netherlands, summer holidays have started. The quieter summer period is always a good moment to take stock. To reflect back on the first part of the year and consciously set intentions for the remainder of the year. Reflection I think is especially important since we are in such extraordinary times. With the […]

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