Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Habits & Holidays

This holiday reminded me again that maintaining a habit is not the most difficult when you are really busy, have a really full schedule. No, maintaining a habit is much more difficult during holidays or weekends. I have routine of starting my day with alone time/me time. After I get up, I meditate or do […]


Write to feel better and to get clarity

This weekend I was thinking about all the writing I do. I don’t mean the blogging, but journaling, So the writing for my eyes only.  I thought about the different ways I journal and what it brings me. My latest writing experiment is writing first thing in the morning for about 15-20 minutes, just stream […]

Simplify for more energy & joy

Maybe you have been thinking about a career change, or something you want to bring to the world or some other change you would love to make. Complex keeps us stuck What I see over and over again with my coaching clients and also in myself. We tend to make things far more complex than […]


Are you your job or do you have a job?

Finding more possibilities for your next job. Do you sometimes think that you might want to find a job outside of academia? But you feel stuck- because well, I am a scientist, I am a researcher. To get unstuck and to be able to see more possibilities for yourself starts with asking yourself the following […]

Sometimes growth is just seeing it sooner

Sometimes it is so difficult to see your own growth, the steps you’ve already taken. Especially when you feel you should be taking big steps toward this goal. Or when you thought you made progress but now feel you are back to square one again. In these times I go to this poem by Tara […]

emotions as a signpost

Use your emotions as a signpost!

This weekend I felt frustrated, angry. Because I heard people outside clearly breaking the curfew, I saw and heard about people visiting other people in groups (against the regulations/ strong advice of the Dutch government). So I sat down Sunday morning to write about this in my journal. Writing always brings light, more clarity, creates […]

The power of multiple stories

‘Failure’ Often we see things that end or things that went differently than planned, expected or hoped for, as failures.  A job or a relationship that ends, goals you did not reach in the way you planned, or goals you did not reach at all. The career path that is far from linear (I know […]

space to play

Space to play

Monday morning I woke up feeling low, grumpy, tired. I asked myself why? Maybe after really full and busy weeks with a lot of work and a lot of doing, some space is opening up, for just being.  And when that space of being opens up more, I get to feel more what needs to […]

Procrastination is not laziness

Procrastination is not laziness, a lousy work attitude or bad time management. When you ask people why they procrastinate, these might be some of the answers they give. But it is not true. So instead of beating yourself up about being lazy or stupid or….  Do something elss. Compassionately ask yourself: “What is going on […]

15 minutes

Gift yourself 15 minutes

Here in the Netherlands and a lot of other countries the lockdown has been extended for a couple more weeks. A new virus mutation. The political situation is unstable in many places (America, here in the Netherlands the government resigned last week). So there is a lot of unrest, lots of restrictions that make every day […]

Stories in your head

Did you know that stress, worrying or feeling bad often has to do with stories in your head? Luckily you can do something about it! I’ll share 3 simple steps that will alleviate the worry and will help you feel lighter and more relaxed. Tara Tara, a client of mine (fictitious name) had applied for […]


Before you set goals.... do this first

With the end of the year approaching lots of people are busy with setting their goals for the coming year. Maybe you have to make a personal development plan for 2021 at work, or maybe you want to set some goals yourself for the year ahead. And maybe you are someone who makes New Year’s […]

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