Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Hope is not an emotion. It is a practical process!

Many years ago I learned from Brene Brown that hope is not an emotion (like a warm feeling of optimism and possibility). Instead hope is a way of thinking, a cognitive process. Actually, the idea that hope is a practical cognitive process already made me more hopeful. Hope felt less like something you had or […]


Why the words balance & work-life balance are unhelpful

When we think of balance or work-life balance often the image of scales automatically comes up in our minds. (Just google pictures for the term balance, you will see mostly images of scales). The image of scales implies that when we talk about balance we talk about two separate sides that should have equal weight […]

Impact is not about productivity or being busy

You may feel things are at a standstill because your work is slower or because you are unable to work due to increased caregiving demands. *** please read on, even if you don’t feel like this. The questions I’ll ask later on are valuable to ask yourself everyday to increase your impact **** So, as […]


You are awesome

Just in case nobody told you today: You are awesome! You are awesome because you are navigating all the different and difficult emotions that rise up so much now. I sure feel that! I can go from feeling trusting and joyful one day and to feeling down and grieving the loss of normalcy the next […]

A different perspective

Maybe you feel trapped, tied down. Maybe you feel your life is on hold right now. Or maybe you feel your life is turned upside down. From your upside-down position you also have a different perspective. From your upside-down position you’re able to see new things or see things differently. So my inspiration for this […]


Joy is not the absence of darkness

Joy is not the absence of darkness. Joy can be found even in dark and difficult times. Joy for me is a soft smile creeping up, a softening of my eyes and feeling grateful for this moment. I find this joy in so many small ordinary moments- looking at beautiful trees in the forest, hearing […]

The paradox of finding normalcy in extraordinary times

While thinking about this inspiration mail I was going back and forth between two things. On the one hand I was afraid that you would not want to have another inspiration mail that is addressing the extraordinary situation we all find ourselves in.  That I should just write a “normal “ inspiration mail. On the […]

your mind is not the wisest part of you

Your mind is not the wisest part of you

Last week I had a migraine. The next day the migraine was gone, but I still had a headache and felt  ‘like a truck had ran over me’. I really craved giving myself some more recovery time. But there was also a critical voice in my head pushing me to suck it up and get […]

Invite your fear to tea

What do you do when you feel fear? Try to ignore it, suppress it, push it away? What if instead you invited your fear to tea? What if you had a chat with your fear to get to know your fear better? Contrary to what you might think:  moving towards your fear actually will diminish […]


Don’t get distracted or discouraged by other people’s success

This is a blog I actually wrote for myself, because I really needed to hear this at the beginning of this week. But I am sending it to you as well, because I know I am not alone in this! When you look around, in real life and especially on social media. You might feel […]

Do you make relaxation conditional?

“Once I have finished this I’ll have time for relaxation.” “I’ll relax when I get home tonight” “I don’t have time to relax now, I just have so much to do.” “Weekends are for relaxing” How is this for you? Does any of these statements ring true for you? In other words: do you make […]


The positive power of anger

Women in our society have often been taught that feeling or expressing anger is not done. But anger is just as normal and important as feeling joy or fear. Instead of looking at anger as a negative feeling that should be avoided, anger is actually an important signal. Anger can let us know that a […]

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