Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Space to play

Monday morning I woke up feeling low, grumpy, tired. I asked myself why? Maybe after really full and busy weeks with a lot of work and a lot of doing, some space is opening up, for just being.  And when that space of being opens up more, I get to feel more what needs to […]


Procrastination is not laziness

Procrastination is not laziness, a lousy work attitude or bad time management. When you ask people why they procrastinate, these might be some of the answers they give. But it is not true. So instead of beating yourself up about being lazy or stupid or….  Do something elss. Compassionately ask yourself: “What is going on […]

Gift yourself 15 minutes

Here in the Netherlands and a lot of other countries the lockdown has been extended for a couple more weeks. A new virus mutation. The political situation is unstable in many places (America, here in the Netherlands the government resigned last week). So there is a lot of unrest, lots of restrictions that make every day […]

stories in your head

Stories in your head

Did you know that stress, worrying or feeling bad often has to do with stories in your head? Luckily you can do something about it! I’ll share 3 simple steps that will alleviate the worry and will help you feel lighter and more relaxed. Tara Tara, a client of mine (fictitious name) had applied for […]

Before you set goals…. do this first

With the end of the year approaching lots of people are busy with setting their goals for the coming year. Maybe you have to make a personal development plan for 2021 at work, or maybe you want to set some goals yourself for the year ahead. And maybe you are someone who makes New Year’s […]


Comparison is a blockage to doing your best work!

When you compare yourself to colleagues… what happens? Do you feel that you should do more, should work more hours, work harder and faster to keep up?  Chances are high you feel this way, probably most of the time. Especially in a competitive environment like academia which is built around fierce competition for scarce funding or […]

Practical ways to transition from ‘work’ to ‘home’ while working from home

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about what you could do to close the workday mentally.  In addition there are several other practical things you can do to make for a better transition from work to home while working from home. Transition ritual Before COVID you had a ritual that helped you to transition from […]


“I wish things were different… ” is a major energy drain!

I wish COVID wasn’t here and I could see my friends or family I wish I could just go to the office/the university I wish I didn’t feel so much stress I wish I wasn’t so tired I wish I had not done or said this thing Wishing things were different from how they are […]

Do you find it hard to stop thinking about work?

Do you find it hard to transition from work mode to home/private mode? Do you find it hard to stop thinking about work in the evenings or on the weekend? Do you find it hard to stop working? This might be why: How do you look back at your day at the end of the […]

asking for help

Asking for help is not weakness. It is human.

Asking for help is difficult. For many of us giving help is much easier. Probably because of different connotation we attach to needing help and giving help. Giving help seems to be the position of strong, heroic and successful people. Needing help is for the weak, the losers who cannot do it alone. This is […]

Will I still like this job 3 years from now?

Has a question like this crossed your mind lately? My coach clients often have questions like this. How does this question make you feel? Do you have an answer? Probably not. Wrong choice We often ask ourselves questions like this. E.g. when we are looking for a new job, or when we just started a […]


Rest is difficult

Rest is crucial. It is at the basis of feeling good emotionally and physically.  Allowing ourselves to rest can be really difficult in our western culture where so much emphasis is on productivity, more, faster, better. Where being busy or exhausted is a badge of honour. Where we try to balance so many roles in […]

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