Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Small steps, big impact

Last week I went to the store to get some file folders. When it was my turn at the counter, I grabbed my wallet...only to discover I had left it at home. So I told the cashier, “Please leave it.  I'll have to come back for it later because I forgot my wallet. “ Then the young guy who was standing next in line, said spontaneously: “I will pay for it. It is such a small thing.” I said " oh you don't have to". But he said he was happy to do it. So I thanked him and I accepted his kind generous gesture. The rest of the day there was a big smile on my face.  Not because of the €1,50 he paid for me. Not because I did not have to cycle back to the store. But because of this spontaneous act of kindness. It gives such a positive and good feeling to having received this. This spontaneous act of kindness feels like a big gift!!

The last days I have thought back of this and it still brings a smile on my face. Telling this story to you makes me smile again. And chances are that while you are reading this, you also have a soft smile on your face. Yes?

This story is such a powerful reminder: small acts have a big impact!

We often think that if we want change, we have to take big steps. That only big steps will make a big difference. But that is so untrue. Thinking we have to take big steps can actually block change and cause you to maintain your status quo. Big steps often feel really daunting, scary, too overwhelming or impossible. So we decide to not make any changes and hang on for a while in a situation we are not happy with. Or we do take a big step but quickly fall back into old habits because this big step asks so much of us that it is difficult to sustain.

I can tell you from personal experiences and from working with clients: small steps can result in big changes! Small steps are so much easier to take, because they are less daunting and you can already start tomorrow. When you have taken the first small step, the second small step will be even easier, because you are already moving!

So, my invitation to you is: Take a small step today and be surprised what it brings you.

Just think of something you want to change. What small step can you take today?

If you have trouble coming up with a small action. Just send me an email and tell me what you want to change and I’ll think along with you to find a small action you can take today.  (Coming up with practical, small steps is one of my superpowers! So try me ! 😊)


P.S. If you want to know more about the power of small steps, read the book Emotional Agility by Susan David, PhD. She has a chapter on what she calls “tiny tweaks” (which are small steps) that can have a big impact.

Did I give you food for thought? Did I give you a different or new perspective? Do you want more inspiration about making choices with your head and heart and about combining your ambitions with finding balance? Subscribe to my inspiration mail here. It is free. 


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