Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Overwhelmed by the change you want to make?

Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the vastness of change that is needed, the change you long for, the change you want. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed by how big the steps are (or seem to be) that you need to take.

Whether you want to contribute to ending racism

Whether you want to find a much better work-life balance.

Whether you want to make a career change

Seeing all the steps that are needed and feeling the overwhelm at the same time, can cause paralysis. The steps needed feel too big, so you do nothing. You wait until you feel more ready. You wait until you feel more courageous. You wait until you have more time or energy. You wait until you have finished this project, this education, this….

This feeling of overwhelm doesn’t mean you are not ready, that this it not the right time, or this change is too big for you.

It just means you need to let go of the idea that change always requires big steps.

Let go
So let go of the idea that only big steps matter. Let go of the idea that small steps are not worthwhile. Letting of go of the need to take big steps will actually open up the path to change. It will make it more likely you will achieve the change you long for.

Wanting to take big steps can get in the way of change. Those big steps feel so daunting, we often don’t get started, and when we do, it is so hard to keep going.

Give yourself permission to start change today, by taking one really small step. One small action.

You are ready to work towards this big change you long for! You are ready now, today!
Bring it back to something so small, that you can do it today. So small that it feels easy. Small steps like:

  • Racism: reading one article on racism or talking to a friend about racism
  • Career change: making one phonecall to ask for help (on your resumé, or asking to be introduced to someone)
  • Better work-life balance: take one 5 minute energizing break (dance, walk around the block)

Do this small thing, and you are done for the day. Tomorrow do the next small thing.

Take one small step every day
It will not only help you achieve this big change you long for,
It will also help you get out of overwhelm,
It will help you get unstuck,
It will help you to keep going and
It will help you to feel more joy and energy, because you are moving towards this bigger change.

What is your small step for today?

Do you want to share something, or do you have a question?  Leave a message below or just send me an email at

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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