Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Don't get distracted or discouraged by other people's success

This is a blog I actually wrote for myself, because I really needed to hear this at the beginning of this week. But I am sending it to you as well, because I know I am not alone in this!

When you look around, in real life and especially on social media. You might feel other people have more success or luck than you. What you often don’t see is the vast number of failures that helped build this success. The number of times this successful scientist had a paper rejected. The number of times this scientist with huge grant, did not get the grant they worked so hard for.  The number of times this scientist who had a big breakthrough in their research had experiments come up with zero results.

We might think that other people are on the fast track while we are on the slow track or on the track to nowhere. But when you see other people’s success or ‘luck’ what you don’t see is the million small steps that came before this success or ‘luck’.

So don’t get distracted or discouraged by other people’s success. Overnight success rarely happens, if it happens at all. Success is built by countless small steps, one after another. It is built on many failures and learnings from those failures. It is built by picking yourself up again and again, when you feel low, when you lose faith or when you feel you have failed.

When other people make steps seem so effortless, that is because they learned, tried, failed and tried again and again until it became effortless.

Stay focused on taking one small step every day. Your own small step without looking at other people’s steps. Because you never see the full picture or hear the full story.

Just work on getting a little bit better at what you do, one small step and one small learning at a time.

And gift yourself a minute at the end of each day to really see the small step you took today. Write it down. Take time to really see your progress. Appreciate it and celebrate your progress, however small it may seem.


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