Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

You are awesome

Just in case nobody told you today: You are awesome!

You are awesome because you are navigating all the different and difficult emotions that rise up so much now.
I sure feel that! I can go from feeling trusting and joyful one day and to feeling down and grieving the loss of normalcy the next day. Or I have all these emotions in the same day, or same hour!

You are awesome because you are getting work done in these extraordinary circumstances!!

  • Getting work done while you also have to navigate fear, stress, doubt, worry, loneliness and overwhelm.
  • Getting work done while you have to find new ways of working on the spot.
    Maybe you have to find new ways of teaching, exams. Maybe you have to come up with a alternative research plans because fieldwork or experiments are impossible now. (Plan B that takes into account that your data gathering will be delayed or that you will have less data (less people/less experiments). Plan C: research you can do/ a dissertation you can write using ONLY remote resources. Not only does it take time to come up with these new ways of working but it likely will bring up fear, worry and overwhelm as well.
  • Getting work done while you are less focused and clear headed than normally.
  • Getting work done while you have to care for children and teach them and help them navigate their emotions

I think this quote by dr. Regine Galanti puts it so clearly and beautifully:  “You are not working from home. You are trying to get work done at home in extraordinary circumstances “.

And if you have kids: “You’re not homeschooling: you’re helping your kids through a crisis and hoping they learn something. “

THIS IS NO EASY FEAT!! Give yourself credit for this, look with compassionate and loving eyes at yourself.

You are awesome! Just because you keep going in these extraordinary circumstances. 

Yes you are awesome, even if you would like to show up in a totally different way than you are doing now.

You are awesome. Period.


Have a beautiful day!

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