Cycles of success

The past weeks I felt on a high. I was very focused, I felt flow in my work, I got a lot done and took important steps in my own personal and professional development. I also gave an online talk and a webinar that both were very well received and made a difference to the people who attended. I really enjoyed and celebrated these successes!

Last weekend I felt a change setting in, my energy was lower, I felt less focused. Monday morning I could no longer deny a marked drop in my energy and focus. I actually felt really tired and scattered. I felt really disappointed as well. I had loved these past weeks, how I had felt and what I was able to accomplish.

Although I know rationally that things will not always be on a high, I apparently I still unconsciously expect this high to last or hope that I will be able to jump from one high or success to the next. I still feel disappointment and loss when I am no longer on this high.

Kris Carr’s words were exactly what I needed to be reminded of.
“Just remember that success comes in cycles, so we can’t be at the top of our game 24-7. We succeed, celebrate, rest, renew and succeed again. Know where you are in your journey. You did it before and you’ll do it again and again!”

These words reminded me that this drop in energy and focus does not mean I have lost something. It just part of the normal cycles of success. I just had a succeed-and- celebration phase. The need for rest and renewal is just the logical phase that comes after success. Seeing this cyclical nature of success helps me to stop fighting or rejecting this phase. There is nothing lost, nothing wrong. It is just time for rest and renewal.

In what phase of your success cycle are you at the moment?  What do you need in this phase? To celebrate? Some rest and renewal? Or is it time to take actions?

Wishing you a beautiful day!