Sometimes growth is just seeing it sooner

Sometimes it is so difficult to see your own growth, the steps you’ve already taken. Especially when you feel you should be taking big steps toward this goal. Or when you thought you made progress but now feel you are back to square one again.

In these times I go to this poem by Tara Mohr. It is always a powerful reminder that if you look closely you are never at square one. If you look with mild eyes at yourself you are able to see the small steps you have taken.

Sometimes Growth is Just Seeing It Sooner - Tara Mohr

Sometimes growth is just seeing it sooner.

You see sooner that you are silencing your voice.

You see sooner that you are acting out of fear.

You see sooner that you are projecting the past on to the present.

You see sooner that you are the one acting crazy, not them.

Because you did the work, you see it sooner.

Until our last breaths, we’ll keep missing the mark.

We will dim our light and betray ourselves.

We will cause harm to those we love.

But if we stay awake, we can learn to course correct sooner.

Stay awake and you might see it this year — and not let it extend for a decade

Stay awake and you might see it this week — and not let it extend for a year.

Stay awake and you might see it this hour — and not let it extend for a week.

Stay awake and you’ll receive those moments of grace, those crystal ones,

when in the instant — before the first choice, the first word, the first act

you will catch it

right the moment of its beginning

and choose differently.


The turnaround is the most important part of the flight path.

When you make it, you move the whole world forward.

You plant a seed of love in the ground,

and all those who come after you thank you.


Grow in small steps

Growth sometimes happens in big leaps. Much more often we grow through taking small steps. Growth starts with a desire for something new, different or better. Followed by trying things out, experimenting. Growth means failing often. Sometimes being happy with how it goes. Failing again and still keep on trying.

Because sometimes it works and often it doesn't. Over time, if you keep trying ... you will see it sooner, it will work more often and it will fail less.  And if you look closely, you will also see sooner what is successful, what growth there is in addition to what you see as failure.

I still cross my own boundaries from time to time. But I catch it much sooner and then make adjustments.

I still sometimes go into please-perform-perfect mode. But more and more I can stop that before it expresses itself in words or actions.

I wish you a gentle look at growth and taking steps. And remember:

 With one small step in a different direction, you will never end up at the same point again.

With one small step you can change your entire course.