How to feel fulfilled every day

Can you only feel a sense of fulfilment when you have finished your whole to do list? Or can you only feel a sense of fulfilment when the project is completely finished, or when things turned out to be a success?

How can you bring a sense of fulfilment to every day?
Regardless of whether your to do’s are finished or the project is completely finished. Regardless of whether this thing turned out to be a success or not.

Fulfilment comes from so many more things

Two practical ways to experience more fulfilment

🌱 Taking a few seconds after each task and really feeling, acknowledging: I did this. I finished this. I started this. Instead of rushing to the next thing on your to do list without taking a few seconds to pause and really take in what you just did.

🌱 Finish your (work)day by making a list of the things you contributed today. You can use the following prompts:

What are the things I got done today?
List each thing as small and specific as possible. So don’t write down, I worked on my research. But instead write down: :” I wrote the third paragraph of my article. I edited the first two paragraphs of my article”. So you can write a really long and detailed list.

How did I have meaningful interactions with others?
E.g. I was there for collegue X who felt really stressed out. Or I helped my students understand this difficult concept. I made a friend laugh today.

How did I live my values today?
What actions or interactions were in line with your values?

Help yourself see the myriad of ways in which you contributed today even though there will be lots of things left undone!
Your brain does not need help in seeing what is unfinished, what could be better or the mistakes. But you do need to help your brain to see the positive. To see all the smaller and bigger ways in which you made a contribution today. Help your brain see the value of every step you take (not only the final step), including the small ones.  If you help your brain see that, you will feel more fulfilled!!