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Nourishing yourself

No, this blog is not about food, although there are some similarities. This blog is about the difference between filling your time and spending time to really nourish yourself. You can compare it to the difference between filling your stomach with whatever food is easy and available. Or consciously eating something that really nourishes your body, instead of only filling your stomach.

So my question to you is: when you come home after work. Do you fill your time with whatever is easy or available or with something that has become a habit? Or do you take time to really nourish yourself as well? I noticed that the last couple of weeks I automatically filled my time with social feeds and television in the evening. So last week I decided to spend an evening reading a novel and I felt so much more energized and joyful afterwards.

Nourishing yourself is often not the easy way
The easiest thing is scrolling your social feeds in the evening, or crashing on the couch to watch tv.  It is readily available and does not ask a lot of your energy. Is an easy way to fill your time and that is why we so often fill our time with this. But check in with yourself after an evening of doing this. How do you feel? It might not have costed you energy to do these things, but do you feel more energized and joyful afterwards?

More joy and energy
Nourishing yourself often requires a conscious choice, more effort and some willpower as well, especially if you feel tired. But the reward is more joy and energy. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself! And you don’t have to spend every evening consciously nourishing yourself. Just an evening every week can make a big difference.

If you think you have been predominantly filling your time lately, will you do an experiment this week?

If you would take 1 hour this week to really nourish yourself. What would you do?

Maybe it is connecting with a loved one/good friend, maybe it is about creating something (e.g. making music, painting, knitting). Maybe it is moving your body (dancing, sporting etc. ), taking time to read that great novel that has been waiting for you for weeks now. And put it in your calendar so you won’t forget!

Check in with yourself before you do this potentially nourishing thing. On a scale from 1-10: how energized or joyful do your feel? Check in again after the activity. How energized and joyful do you feel now and also compare this to your usual way of filling your time.

By the way, if the possibility to feel more joy and energy doesn’t sell you on experimenting with nourishing yourself. Maybe this will: You will also be able to perform so much better when you feel more energized and joyful!

Would love to hear about your experiments with nourishing yourself!
Just drop me an email or put a comment below this blog

Have a beautiful day!


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