Keuzes maken, vol vertrouwen stappen zetten én daarbij zorgen voor jouw balans

Fearless expression of yourself, your ambitions

Often we have secret longings, dreams, ambitions about how or what we would like to contribute at work. But then we leave those longings at the doorstep of the office, because we fear this side of us will not be appreciated. Or maybe you tell yourself this is not part of my job description, or that this is not possible now, in this role, in this organization.

What part of yourself are you currently hiding in your work?

Maybe it is your playfulness, your creativity, your organizing skills, your managing side?  Or maybe you long to play bigger at work, you long to honour your ambitions more?  The thing is, when you hide this part of you, when you don’t express these longings or ambitions, you miss out on a lot of joy. It might even rob you of a lot of energy, because it takes energy to suppress these longings or ambitions. You also rob the organisation, or the world of the unique contribution you can make! Fearless expression brings you joy, energy and allows you to make your unique contribution!

If you would ask yourself right now: what part of myself do I long to express more? What comes up?

Start honouring this longing, today!
You don’t have to switch jobs or organisations to make this possible.  

Fearless expression: ways to express your longings and ambitions starting today

✅ Think about small ways you could bring more of this into your work.

For example: you want to bring more of your creative side into your work? How could you bring more creativity to your daily tasks or activities?

  • How can I use more creative elements in this meeting?
  • How can I approach this task or assignment in a more creative way?
  • How can I react more creatively to this annoying mail?
  • How can I tackle this issue using my creative side?

✅Is there a new project or task you could take on that would allow you to bring more of your creative side to work? Is there a project you could take up that would allow you to play bigger?

✅Can you shift some of the focus in your work, so you could use more of your creativity or honour your ambitions more?

Fearless expression: did you voice your wish to your colleagues or manager?
Often there is more possible than you think, but if you don’t talk about it, those possibilities will not open up. If you don’t ask, how can they know?

My experience in working with coaching clients is that they are often surprised by what is possible, when they start talking about their longings or ambitions.

So tell your colleagues or boss about what you want and start a conversation about how this could be possible!

Ask! Dreams never become a reality

if you don’t talk about them and don’t take action on them.

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