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About Mindfulness

I have been meditating on a daily basis since 2010. At first I did not share much about this with other people. Afraid that people might consider this to be woo woo, or consider me to be a bit woo woo (“zweverig”  in Dutch). I do talk about it freely now, often integrate elements of mindfulness in my workshops or in my coaching. But I realized some time ago, that I did not share anything about it in my inspiration mails to you. As if I was still partly hiding this important part of me….

So here is my coming out...

If I had to name one practice that is crucial for me feeling balanced, one practice that is crucial for me making choices that bring me energy and joy...

then it is my daily practice of finding of silence and stillness- in meditation.

It keeps me from being too much in my head. It reconnects me to my body, it helps me to be firmly grounded. It helps me to hear the soft voice of inner wisdom inside of me. Because the voice of inner wisdom that everybody has inside of them, speaks softly and waits to be paid attention to (as opposed to the often loud chatter of the inner critic that comes through loud and clear) Building in silence,  every day,  connects me to this wise, gentle part of myself.

During the day, closing my eyes for a minute- checking in with how I am doing and what I need, is crucial for how I choose to structure my day, in dealing with stress or handling difficult situations.

So that is why I want to share two resources with you.
To let you experience what carving out time to be with yourself in silence and connecting to your body, can do for you.

I recorded two short mindfulness exercises for you that you can use to start your day (or any moment later in the day). I invite you to try out what a difference a few minutes can make.

I do recommend starting your day with it. Why? Because you already carved out some time for you, your selfcare, before the rush of work and maybe kids take over your day. I really feel so different when I have started the day with me-time in silence. I can better handle everything that comes my way during the day. Because my selfcare doesn’t come last- I started with it. I already had some time for me- instead of feeling at the end of the day that I had no time for myself.

Just try it! Carve out 3 or 5 minutes. Really no excuse to not do it 😉 Nobody can say they cannot spare 3 minutes a day!


Join me for a pilot- Beyond the chatter in your head,connect with your intuition
The second thing I want to share with you is this. The 26th of September I am starting a pilot to host Live Online Group  Sessions for inspiration, meditation and support to reconnect to the soft voice of your inner wisdom .

These sessions are intended to help you step out of the day to day busyness, getting out of your head, into your body. So you can learn to hear the soft voice of wisdom instead of only the louder chatter of your inner critic.

During these mindfulness sessions I will help you connect to your silence and stillness and to the soft, wise voice inside of you. You will experience the supporting energy of being silent together!  All from the comfort of your home. All you need is your phone, tablet or computer to connect online with us.

No prior experience is needed! I will guide you through the meditation part of the sessions. And there is room to share questions and experiences. Are you coming on this journey with me? I would love to welcome you!

The sessions will probably look like this. Each session will have a theme, I 'll share something about this theme to inspire you. Then we meditate around 20 minutes.  (Don’t worry if this sounds awfully long to you. I’ll guide you through it!). After the meditation there will also be room to ask your questions/share your experiences. Sessions will be around 40-45 minutes - I think. It is a pilot after all 😉.

If you cannot make it live…no problem. Each session will be recorded, I will send you the video recording of the session and an audio recording of the meditation, the next day. So you can always watch or listen afterwards.

If you have no prior experience with meditating and want to get started with the support of a group, you are very welcome to join!

If you are already familiar with meditation but want to experience the added value of meditating in a group. And get inspiration and support each session as well… you are also very welcome to join!

The pilot consists of 4 live online sessions of inspiration, meditation and support. Every 3 weeks.
Dates:      Thursdays 26 September, 17 October, 7 November, 28 November
Time:         20.30 Amsterdam time
Duration:   40-45 minutes
Pilot price: 78 euro (this includes 4 live sessions, audio and video recordings to keep forever).

Do you want to join? Just send me an email and I’ll put you on the list. 
Do you want to join, but Thursdays don't work for you? Let me know. I might host a second group.

Do you have any questions? Just send me an email as well. I am happy to help you with any questions you might have.

Feel free to share the information about the pilot with a friend or colleague who might be interested. 

You are very welcome to join!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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